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Dot5 web hosting provides users with an extremely good product for the low price of $4.95. Dot5 offers 300 GB of disk space, 3 TB of bandwidth, and a whole arsenal of features. Dot5 even gives many unlimited features such as email forwarding accounts, email autoresponders, add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, additional FTP accounts, and MySQL databases. Dot 5 also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 90 day trial.

Dot5’s customer service is nearly unrivaled by any other company, they offer live chat services, email ticket tracking system, phone in services, and a FAQ search engine. Their technicians and admins are very knowledgeable and are extremely professional and polite. In addition, Dot5 hosting only uses the top of the line hardware, decreasing the chance of server downtime due to outdated and overused hardware.

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Dot5 Hosting
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by Chris on Dot5 Hosting

Money cheating company.

Sites were down forever (80% down) through out my 2 months with them. Customer services are poor and cant rectify problems. They transfer my sites from 1 server to another server but still can't solve the down time.

Cancel 2 hosting plan with them after 2 months but my nightmares continues. After 1 year, they just simply bill me for renewal without my knowledge and approval.

Have contacted their customer services but they wont help and asked to send email to their billing department but after numerous emails asking for refund, until today 4 days has passed NO ONE REPLY.

Wonder is it illegal to charge my credit card without my knowledge.

However have since complain to FTC (federal Trade commission) wonder they will help.

GO ahead and try if u dare.

by Charles on Dot5 Hosting
Long Time Customer

Dot5 has been hosting my site for 2 years now and they are excellent. Their reliability is superb, no downtime or crashes or any slowness or delay whatsoever. For a home business owner like me, knowing that my site will be up at all times gives me a lot of reassurance and peace of mind. My site’s scalability and ability to grow as my business does is important to me as well, Dot5 has got me well covered when it comes to that. I have tons of excess storage space and so many features that I can do virtually anything I want on my site. All their packages also came e-commerce ready with shopping carts, SSL certificate and ad credit. Dot5 has provided me all the tools I need to run a successful business and I truly appreciate all that they have done for me. Dot5 allows me to run a cost effective site and still receive top-line performance. Dot5 was the ideal web hosting solution for my business; it can be for yours too.

by Jerry on Dot5 Hosting
I Like Their Support

Website content transfer, domain name transfer, Dns pointing, effortless because of the professional help that was truthful, factual, swift and accurate, plus done in a very friendly way! Thank you Dot5 for the super package to top it all off!

by Jenny J on Dot5 Hosting

Dot5Hosting's customer service is excellent. They cooperated with me to meet my needs promptly, politely and effectively. My site`s only been offline for an hour, and I was quickly informed of the problem and what Dot5 Hosting was doing to fix the matter. The support has been excellent with queries always being answered, even when a solution hasn`t been possible, they`ve been polite enough to inform me of the fact rather than just ignoring my email. My site loads very quickly and smoothly. The only thing I disliked about Dot5Hosting is that they sent me 5 warning emails saying if I did not renew, I would lose my domain. The annual rate is the most economical and for the low price, I get quality service. In general, I recommend Dot5Hosting to everyone.

by DKJ on Dot5 Hosting
Good Company

I believe dot5hosting is quite a good company, and for $5 I'm happy enough to stay. Sure, if I want better uptime, or whatever, I can get it - but it'll cost me. So for $5 a month I've got a pretty good host, to be honest. You get what you pay for - cheap host, acceptable bandwidth and uptime.

What I find extremely positive about Dot5 hosting:
1. Monthly transfer and storage. Pretty decent for $5/month.
2. Personal service. You can contact the CEO yourself if you feel like it.
3. Openness - - they never had to put this up, but they did, and that's pretty cool. I should say that not every host does that.

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